Sunday, September 19, 2010

Be aware. He's not who he says he is...


  Do you know this man? Are you aware of how he operates? A former track athlete with origins in the Ivory Coast, he's made his way through several states in the US, frequents Europe and has studied in China. Presently studying law in Indianapolis, he's preparing for the bar exam in 2011.

Smooth, charming, and deceptive, he typically preys on single, white females, but has been known to "borrow" smaller quantities of cash from men as well. He uses his faux humility and concocted stories to garner money from generous and concerned individuals. Their compensation? To be lied to, manipulated and finally scammed out of thousands of dollars.  Do not trust him. Be aware of his typical methods. Consider yourselves warned.

This is fact. This is real. This is Arsene E. Millogo. 

Contact and aide available for those unfortunate enough to have been scammed, threatened or used by Arsene.

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